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    Course Syllabus

    Mrs. Kelley – Office Q124


    1.      To prepare the student for an entry-level job in accounting.

    2.      To prepare the student for further study and career development in accounting.

    3.      To provide the student the ability to use accounting for personal use.

    Skills to Be Attained:

    1.      Students will learn to start a new accounting system.

    2.      Students will learn to record transactions in books of original and secondary entry for service and merchandising businesses using manual and computerized accounting systems for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.

    3.      Students will learn to perform all required end-of-fiscal period activities for service and merchandising businesses organized as sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.

    4.      Students will learn to complete accounting projects using Accounting 7.0 software and Excel spreadsheet working papers.

    5.      Students will learn to prepare individual income tax returns.

    Classroom Activities:

    1.      Students will be actively involved in daily classroom assignments and activities.

    2.      Students will utilize technology to complete accounting activities and research.

    3.      Students will complete and discuss daily homework assignments.

    4.      Students will complete comprehensive manual and computerized accounting projects to demonstrate their understanding of the accounting concepts.

    Methods of Evaluation:

    1.      Chapter tests will usually be given to determine if the student has mastered the skills and understood the concepts presented in each chapter.

    2.      Comprehensive manual and computerized accounting projects will be followed by an audit test.

    3.      Daily assignments will be graded periodically for completion and/or accuracy.

    4.      Daily participation is expected and may be assigned point value.

    Grading Scale:

                A = 90-100%

                B = 80-89%

                C = 70-79%

                D = 60-69%

                F = Below 60%

    Exam Policy:

    As per school policy, first semester all students will take the final exam.  Bonus points will be added to the exam score of those students who have not been tardy or absent more than a total of 3 days combined.

    Senior students may be exempt from the second semester final exam if meeting one of the following conditions:

    1.      The student has attained an “A”  or “B” average prior to the exam.

    2.      The student has not been tardy or absent more than a total of 3 days combined.  (A senior meeting this condition may elect to take the final exam and have bonus points added to their test score as a reward for good attendance.)

    Underclassmen meeting the above conditions will be expected to take the second semester final exam according to school policy.  However, bonus points will be added to their test score as a reward for meeting these conditions. 

    Required Materials:

    The following materials should be brought to class daily (including test days):

    1.      Textbook

    2.      Workbook

    3.      Pen and/or pencil

    4.      Straightedge

    5.      Calculator (also available on the computer)

    6.      A separate Accounting folder is highly recommended.































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