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  • Trig/Pre-Calculus Honors - Mrs. Monica Evans

    Trig/Pre-Calculus Honors is a mathematics course in which juniors and seniors  are enrolled in order to prepare for calculus.  The graphing calculator based program covers trigonometry, college algebra, analytical geometry, and calculus.

  • Honors Algebra 1-2 covers the same material as Regular Algebra 1-2 with an emphasis on more challenging problems. Supplementary topics from Algebra 5-6 will also be included.

  • This is a foundational course of algebra topics, ranging from solving and graphing linear equations, absolute value equations, simplifying exponential expressions, various word problems, graphing and solving quadratic equations, and select other topics.
  • An advanced course that covers Algebra and Trigonometry topics in an effort to prepare students for Calculus.