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  • This site will be used in Mr. Padgett's World Geography class. We will start the year with online forums and blogging and we will go from there! Welcome to our Moodle site!

  • Mr. Padgett's Moodle site will be used for chats and blogging to start the school year. Thanks for visiting the site!

  • Mr. Nesbit's U.S History is a course designed to teach students about our nation’s history from the early settlements of the land to present day.  We will discuss major events and gain an understanding of why things happened as they did.  We will discuss political, social, cultural and economic issues.  One of the major goals of the class is to understand how past events have shaped and continue to affect the world today.

  • American Studies is a 2 hour team-taught course combining Honors U.S. History and Honors Junior English.  The class is taught by Mrs. Hoerner and Mrs. McGarrity.

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  • In U.S. History (Honors) we will strive to gain an understanding of the history of the United States from the Age of Jackson to the present day.  The emphasis of this course is on surveying those personalities, events, ideas and institutions which shaped the nation as we know it today.  In addition to learning the said content, we will also seek to improve writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills in a format similar to that of a college course. 

  • Sociology is, literally, the study of society.  It is not just a study however; it is a whole perspective and way of engaging the world.  This course is an introduction to the discipline of sociology.  It is intended to increase your understanding of the world we live in from the sociological perspective.  We will engage in the sociological perspective through the exploration of a number of topics and social problems.  Some of these topics include suicide, child abuse and neglect, crime and punishment, poverty, racism, discrimination, sexism, ageism and divorce. 




  • World History Honors is a reading and writing intensive course that will have students studying Mesopotamia through the Russian Revolution. We will work through social, economical, and political history in our quest to better understand the history of our world. Enrollment requirements: Students should have Explorer Test Scores in the 90th percentile in the Reading and Writing portions of the exam.